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At Premiuminvites you can easily get the popular music service Spotify Premium or invites to Lockerz and the new movie service Voddler for free.

How does it work?
You participate in a free campaign you're interested in, recruiting a number of friends (depending on the product you've selected), which also performs a free campaign. When your friends have done this, you can order your product. For example enjoy the music in Spotify without advertising, access to the latest songs, discover Lockerz world of free products and in future also get invites to Voddlers new movie service.

How can it be free?
The companies we work with finance the products that we give out free.

Can I get more products?
Yes, you can also collect the same product several times. But you need to participate in a new campaign and recruit the number of friends needed.

I have completed a campaign, but it has not been registered yet, why?
Sometimes it can take a couple of days before we receive reports from the companies that owns the campaign. If you have made a campaign earlier through another website, or if you are denied by the advertiser, we're unable to do anything about this. You may try to participate in some other campaign. Take the opportunity to invite your friends while you wait.

I want to contact your support, how do I do?
We can answer your email in Swedish or English every weekday. Click here to contact us.

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